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Good news! 1 more National Design Master of Non-Ferrous Metals Industry in China Nerin, bringing the total to 12

China National Association for Non-ferrous Metals Industries Construction (CANC) has recently announced the name list of the 7th batch of “National Masters of Engineering Design and Geotechnical Investigation in Nonferrous Metals Industry”. Mr. Li Dalang, China Nerin deputy chief engineer, director of Civil Works Division, and director of Building Modular Engineering Technology Center, was awarded the title of “National Design Master of Non-Ferrous Metals Industry”. Up to now, China Nerin has 3 national masters of engineering design and geotechnical investigation and 12 national design masters of non-ferrous metals industry. The total number of masters in China Nerin is in the first rank among Chinese non-ferrous metals industry.

The "National Masters of Engineering Design and Geotechnical Investigation in Nonferrous Metals Industry" are awarded every two years. All candidates are academic and technical leaders of high reputation in the industry and have been engaged in engineering survey and design for more than 20 years, with profound professional theoretical basis, rich practical experience, and outstanding achievements in the field of engineering survey and design. In 2022, the honor was awarded to 7 people: 2 "masters of geotechnical investigation" and 5 "masters of engineering design".

Mr. Li Dalang in China Nerin received this honor out of CANC’s recognition of his specialized technical level and his reputation in the industry, as well as CANC’s acknowledgment to China Nerin’s long term contribution in the non-ferrous metal industry. Over the years, China Nerin has always taken talents as the most valuable resources for enterprise development and cultivated a number of industry leaders and high-level talents through a series of measures. In the future, China Nerin will still firmly implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents; cultivate, select and make good use of talents in an all-round way; strive to build a bank of talents for the industry; and devote the company to cultivate more leading talents and innovative teams for the industry and for our country.

Mr. Li Dalang graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, Zhejiang University in 1989 and has since then devoted himself to structural design for projects in mining, metallurgy, municipal administration and environmental protection for more than 30 years. He is the technical backbone and academic leader of China Nerin, has led the team to complete large and medium-sized mining and metallurgy projects with Australian standards, European standards, Chilean standards, South African standards, etc. and made great achievements in the research and application of modular design in overseas projects. He has successfully handled big challenges in foundation treatment for various mines and smelters to cut down substantial capital cost and reduce construction period. Mr. Li Dalang has won 6 first prizes of provincial and ministerial excellent engineering design, 2 second prizes of provincial and ministerial awards of progress in science and technology; presided over and participated in the completion of 3 national standards, 1 national industry standard, 1 local standard and 2 group standards; been awarded 14 intellectual property rights, published 2 academic monographs and 25 professional papers.