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China Nerin Signed the EPCM Contract of 500ktpa Copper Smelter with Kamoa Copper S.A.

On October 28, 2022, China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Nerin”) and Kamoa Copper S.A. in DRC (hereinafter referred to as “Kamoa Copper S.A.”), held an EPCM contract signing ceremony for the 500ktpa Kamoa-Kakula direct-to-blister copper smelting project at the headquarters of China Nerin in Nanchang, Jiangxi PRC, which furthers the cooperation of two parties on the basis of mutual trust established since last November when the basic engineering contract started.


Signing Ceremony

Zijin Mining and Ivanhoe Mines both are among the global mining giants. As an important joint venture of the two giants, Kamoa Copper is a successful model of Chinese enterprise developing overseas resources through international cooperation. Located in Kolwezi DRC along the world-famous Central African copper (cobalt) metallogenic belt, Kamoa Copper Mine is one of the copper mines in the world with the highest grade and the fastest growing speed, and the largest copper mine in production in Africa since it was put into commercial production in July 2021.

China Nerin is an engineering company integrating engineering consulting, general contracting and equipment integration for global services, who has been committed to promoting the development mode of “design + multi-business-model integration”. Supported by engineering design, China Nerin has been constantly extending the layout of industrial chain, advancing the independent innovation of key core technologies, and successively developed more than 10 sets of equipment technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

China Nerin will take on all the EPCM work for this project and provide the full range of project construction services including engineering design, procurement management, construction management, commissioning management, cost control management, etc. The direct-to-blister copper smelting process is adopted in this project to match Kamoa copper concentrate. The smelter will have the largest single-line production capacity in the world and become one of the smelters with the lowest carbon emission per unit product after it is completed and put into operation.

Since the signing of basic engineering service contract with Kamoa Copper in 2021, China Nerin has won the trust of Kamoa by professionalism and quality services. Under the joint efforts of the two parties, the 500ktpa Kamoa-Kakula Smelter project has made great progress. At present, the earthworks is basically completed, the civil works is in full swing and the foundation pouring of the core equipment, DBF, has started.

Construction Site

In addition, with its technical advantages and manufacturing advantages, China Nerin has won a number of bids for core equipment in the global tendering of equipment organized by Kamoa Copper S.A., and will supply most of the key facilities in the core areas such as smelting plant and sulfuric acid plant.
The signing of EPCM contract for the 500ktpa copper smelting project of Kamoa-Kakula Smelter symbolizes a new milestone of China Nerin in developing industrial integration and adds another splendid chapter to further promoting its internationalization strategy.